Love it is a funny thing

Let me take this time to introduce myself…. I’m Sarah. I’m a Mama to 3 little princesses, 3 cats and 1 dog. I’m happily married to my best friend. We live in the country, where it is nice and quiet (near a farm). Houses are few and far between (several miles); and I like it that way! (Who needs nosey neighbors…I mean we still have them, but they aren’t looking in my windows from their house!)

Things I like to do for FUN, include crochet (baby blankets, kid hats, and dolls); photography (I love to take pics of my kids, food, and nature/landscapes); crafting (wood burning, wood painting, scrapbooking/collages, and make inspiration board); I love to paint (watercolor and acrylic; but I’ve also worked with oil); and I love to cook & experiment with food (I went to cooking school, but I love cooking as a hobby not as a career).

Fun facts about me: I get a bimonthly subscription to Dia & Co a clothing company for plus sized women (I am one); I eat Whole30/Paleo and have successfully lost weight on the plan; I like to be active when adventure is involved (hiking, walking, camping, kayaking, swimming, white water rafting); and I drive a Subaru Outback…and I LOVE MY CAR!!!!

Welcome to my sometimes crazy adventure……..life is a journey; let’s enjoy the ride!

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