Breastfeeding series: Nursing in public/or on the go

If you are a new Mom, and you’ve waited to get out; the weather is nice and you finally want out…this blog post is for you. This is for anyone wanting tips/tricks from a mom of 3, who successfully breastfed all 3 in public or on the go.

I have to be honest, it took me a while this week to find a breastfeeding topic to focus on. I love breastfeeding and everything about it. I especially love this topic, because I too had self conscious hurdles to overcome to be comfortable nursing in public. Maybe you are one of those Moms who were super confident as a Mom and nursing in public was/is not a problem, you go girl! For the rest of us, it can feel overwhelming. Here are some tips/tricks I used to become more comfortable with nursing in public.

  1. Nurse in your car. Use a Aiden & Anais muslin wrap, tuck part of the wrap in your sun visor, and voila…….nursing tent. Your baby can see you, and the tent protects you from gawker’s and sun rays.

  2. Use a nursing cover. There are some really great, inexpensive covers out there (you do not need to go super fancy on this). My personal favorite is the Adien & Anais muslin baby wraps, knot it around your neck, cover your baby and done! For my girls the cover, lasted a very short time, all 3 of my girls wanted to see me when they were eating……and the nursing cover would fly across the room. Some babies love it, but don’t be surprised if your baby doesn’t like it.

  3. Nurse in a dressing room. I know right, why didn’t I think of that. Most retail stores have dressing rooms. If you ask the attendant to use the room to feed/nurse your baby, they will let you. I have not been denied access into a dressing room for that purpose (or any other purpose). Most people will go out of their way to accommodate a nursing mother. Some retail stores are making “Mothers room” out of a handicapped accessible dressing room. Walmart, (in my area) put a large chair, pillows, and extension cord with various cell phone chargers in the room; and they used nursery wall decals to decorate the walls.

  4. For those of us who are comfortable nursing out in the open, here is a list of the *best* (most comfortable) places to nurse your baby: patio furniture section of Lowes or Home Depot; furniture section of department stores; large padded chairs in the bookstore; and massage chairs in the mall (preferably not on massage or on vibrate mode). The only place that did not have somewhere to nurse was the supermarket (so I nurse my baby in my car- see #1).

  5. Ways to become more comfortable with nursing in public, practice it as often as you can. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will feel. Sure, there will always be those incredibly rude and insensitive a**holes; who feel the need to judge you or tell you something wrong about breastfeeding in public; but girl, ignore them! You are feeding your baby! You are not flashing your nipples (or engaging in public nudity, or any other such BS); as your nipples are in your baby’s mouth. And anyone who tells you to cover up or put a cover on while you are nursing your baby; invite them to do the same while they eat to see how they like it.

  6. The way I deal with insensitive a**holes, I tell them “NY state law states I can nurse/feed my baby wherever I’d like, and whenever the baby is hungry” that usually gets them to back off. Be in the know of your state/countries laws regarding nursing your baby in public, every place is different.

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