Today, we celebrated my middle daughter (Ella) birthday. 4 years ago today, I was sucessfully nursing my newborn baby Ella.

Birthdays are a BIG deal in our house. I  take the day off from work, so I can celebrate the whole day with that child.

Today, we slept in late (7:30am on a weekday), enjoyed some birthday cuddles, ate a lazy breakfast, and took our time getting out the door.

For Ella’s special day with Mommy (and baby sister Evie), Ella chose a trip to the zoo. This was her 6th trip to a zoo, 4th time to this particular zoo. Ella said her favorite animal was “the Greg wolves” , because “they can eat me”. She had lots of fun chasing butterflies and birds, and feeding sheep and goats. (This was Evie’s first trip to the zoo).

After the zoo, we went to Target. It is our family tradition, I bring each child (on their special day) to the toy isle and let them pick out the present they want (with a set limit $$). Ella loves her barbie dolls, and added 2 more Disney Princesses to her collection, a few other barbie accessories; a new dress and some pretty bracelets. This girl LOVES her accessories!

We picked out her dessert of choice, a few other groceries and headed home.

For the remainder of the afternoon, all 3 girls played well outdoors. The weather was nice, high 70’s and sunny. Ella’s dinner of choice was squash spaghetti. We sang Happy Birthday, Ella made a wish and blew out the candles…..and we all enjoyed some turtle pie, Ella’s choice! Before we knew it, it was time for bedtime routine (bath, teeth, story, sleep).

The sun sets on another wonderful day!

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