The GIFT of life

I want to start off by saying, no one is promised tomorrow….with that mind take action today. Live in the moment, be present, enjoy your one and only life. Life is so incredibly precious, and time stands still for no one.


Wow, 9 years since our mini honeymoon to Gettysburgh. This was the last day, about 15 minutes before we were driving home. I will never forget that day, as long as I live.
Within 3 minutes of this picture; I was providing CPR to a young woman, who collapsed while running with a friend. As people passed they stopped to help, a nurse offer support from her cars backseat, unable to assist d/t recent surgery. A community of complete strangers, dropped what they were doing to assist. We provided CPR for a while, until EMS arrived.
We gave our info to park police for the report. Concern and thoughts about a complete stranger lingered with us on our ride home and several days later.
A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving 2009 we received communication from the young woman’s family. We were informed that she had survived the incident, was alive, and on the road to recovery. That young woman is alive, and doing well today. We maintain contact via facebook.
Every year I renew my CPR for work, and every time I think of that young woman I helped save using CPR. Learn CPR, you could save a life.

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