Non scale victories from Whole30

My journey with Whole30 started on January 15, 2018. My family and I (kids too), started eating on the plan in hopes my middle child's head to toe severe eczema would improve. My middle child has been plagued with severe eczema since birth. She sees a pediatric dermatologist, and has 1 steroid topical cream, and… Continue reading Non scale victories from Whole30


Chia Pudding Recipes (for breakfast & breastfeeding mamas)

I LOVE having a prepared breakfast, I can grab and go. With 3 small children, my mornings are spent getting them ready first, then getting myself ready and out the door. I used to "skip" breakfast, which is a horrible way to start your day. Coffee was breakfast, who needed anything more, right? Back on… Continue reading Chia Pudding Recipes (for breakfast & breastfeeding mamas)